Thursday, October 23, 2008

Does anyone speak Tween?

OK, so for those of you who know me, you know I was not an overly sappy baby mom.

Yes, I adored my babies. I treasured all of their stages. But, no I did not cry when the highchair went to the basement for storage. Nor did I mourn the transformation of the baby room to the big girl/big boy room.

If I am truly honest, I did the happy dance every time a baby toy was outgrown.

I know sounds terrible, but really, I taught middle school/high school for 10 years for a reason.

There was a standing joke in our family. My sister, the amazingly gifted KINDERGARTEN teacher, would raise the kids until they were twelve, then I would take over.

Well, forget it. Apparently, it was easy for me to relate to OTHER PEOPLE'S tweens!

I need a manual for my own child.

Example...I give a direction like, "Could you please fill Koda's bowl with food and water and put him in the 'apartment'."

I descend the stairs to see, Hunter's shoes on the kitchen table and Maddy sorting out coats from the closet.

I admit, I was puzzled.

So, foolishly I ask..."What are you doing?"

"I'm coordinating jackets and shoes for everyone." was the reply I received.

I think, wow, above and beyond what I asked of her. Maybe I do have the hang of this parenting thing.

Yeah, not so much.

I come further into the kitchen to see that my direction, in its entirety, was ignored. Now, I have an added mountain of coats to assist with hanging up, a dog who is still NOT confined to the apartment, and kids who are not ready to walk out the door.

Disappointed...a little...the first 5 times...

Now, I'm my mom. "Why won't you follow the direction I gave you? Don't do more. Don't do less. Just do the direction I gave you."

The common reply, "Well, I figured you didn't know we needed to do the other stuff so I was helping."

I'm not know we needed to do the other stuff...I don't think so.


ali said...

I'm trying to learn how to speak pre-tween! And I did a very big happy dance when the diapers were put away for good!

MAMA CEO said...

You've got to admit...they at least gave good answers...BUT! WHO WILL FEED KODA????????? HAAA HAAA~!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Too FUNNY!! I am so not ready for that stage!

Jaime said...

I'm actually really nervous for when my kids reach that age. Cute blog

Walking in the Light

Wow! This year year has been a whirlwind to say the least. I am shocked we are near the half way point in February. Part of me wants to dance. If the start of the year is any indication of how it is going to go, I am happy it's flying by. I will usher in 2009 with bells and whistles.

Yet, I am humbly reminded that every day is a gift, and I need to walk in the Light. I need to let Him guide me through each day. I need to listen to His still, quiet voice...Yeah I know for me that's a stretch. I'm never still long enough to catch my breath.

As I write this, our dear neighbor of ten years is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am awed by the faith she has in God. I am humbled by the fight she has within her to beat the demon we know as cancer. Hunter, in his six year old wisdom said to me, "Mommy, why are you sad? We are just going to pray and Jesus is going to make her better." The faith of a child and the living testimony of one who is dwelling in God's amazing grace reminds me to walk daily in the His unfailing light.