Sunday, June 22, 2008

Looking to the Future

We are so not paying for college.

Maddy is going to get a scholarship for swimming. I am sure of it. I pretty sure she is the best ever.

I know she's my kid, so I am biased. But seriously, I think we are on to something.

Yesterday at the meet, you know the one that started at 6:45 am, she took 4 first places and a second.

She took first with her relay teams in the Medley relay and Freestyle relay. She was the third leg. According to what I know, it's the anchor leg.

She did her job. She caught her team to first place by a quarter of a lap in both races. I couldn't believe it. Is this the same child that lacks motivation in, well, seemingly everything else?

Huh? Who knew?

She also took first in the 100m IM. That's definitely her race. She beat the times of the boys and girls.

Her final first was in the 25m breast stroke.

Her 2nd was in the 25m freestyle.

I had to know what the deal was. So I asked her on the way home.

"Sweetie, what makes you want to work so hard at swimming?"

"Duh, Mom, swimming's important."

Oh, course. And helping out around the house is...what...a suggestion?

Friday, June 20, 2008


It's officially here. Not only is today the first official day of summer, school ended today.

This will be the longest summer break since Maddy finished preschool. We are going to the modified calendar next year which means, instead of starting 5th grade and 2nd grade in two weeks, we don't go back until August 6th or so.

I can't wait for lazy summer days and sleep-in mornings. This of course will have to start next week because Maddy has a swim meet at 6:45 am tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry, am I the only one the that fails to see the logic in that? Seriously.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I don't need to close my eyes, Mom

Tuesday night was a late night at work for both Paul and me. Paul finished up first so he went to my sister's to retrieve the darlings.

When he arrived and Greg called the kids from upstairs, Hunter came down with a now spotted blue shirt.

Greg looked perplexed and said, "Dude, what happened to your shirt?"

Hunter's responded with shrugged shoulders and a baffled, "I don't know."

On the way home, Paul probed further and learned that Hunter and Nana were spraying, and this is a direct quote from Hunter himself, "chemicals on each other."

As you can imagine this did not sit well with the parental instinct. Paul called me at work to report the instance and let me know that he was not successful at reaching my sister to let her know what they were doing.

He tried to get Hunter to recall what the chemical was, but low and behold the child who reads well above grade level and has a photographic memory couldn't remember.

Yeah, right-whatever.

I told Paul to put him on the phone.

"Hunter, I want you to close your eyes and tell me the letters that you see on the bottle you were playing with."

"Oh, I don't have to close my eyes Mommy. It had the target name on it and b-l-e-a-c-h on it."

Apparently losing your mind is contagious.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I have officially lost it.

This morning was one of those morning. Don't tell me you don't know what kind of morning I'm talking about. It was one of THOSE mornings.

It started off easy enough. Maddy and Paul left for swim team pictures at 6:40 AM. I packed lunches, watered the plants outside, fed Koda, and woke Hunter up to tell him I would be in the shower if he was looking for me.

Maddy finished pictures, came home, and helped out with Koda. Hunter was still not up. I went back to wake him at 8. He got up, reluctantly. I started getting ready, realizing that I had not yet fed Hunter.

I went down stairs, told Hunter we were short on time because it was late, and listed the choices...
1. Toast and yogurt
2. scrambled eggs
3. cereal.

I was met with a stomped foot and "Oh man, I wanted pancakes." This set me off.

Did I respond with, "Those are the choices. You can pick from them or go to school without breakfast."

Oh no, I opted to react with the same "mature" behavior. I dramatically got the supplies for pancakes, all the while lecturing on how inconsiderate he was being considering my hair was still wet, my makeup was not on and it was 8:33. We had to leave in less than 25 minutes to make it on time.

I told him it was fine I would go to work ugly and look ridiculous so he could have pancakes. I told him if we were late he would lose his DS for a week.

While observing this, Maddy pipes in with, "Oh, can I have some pancakes too."

Are you kidding me, do you not HEAR or SEE what is going on around you...Sure you can have pancakes, why not?

Can I make those chocolate chip for you, sweetie? How would you like those cooked?

I wanted to scream NO-N-O-NO that spells NO. I should have said, "No, I listed the choices. If you are still hungry you can pick from those."

Did I say that, Oh no! I launched into another soliloquy about how the pants I had on were 5 years old. I wanted to know when I was going to get to go shopping for new clothes. This seems off topic, but considering our weekend shopping experience and Madison's opinion that she is the only one in family that needs new clothes, it fit trust me.

Like I said in the beginning...I have officially lost it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Official

I have successfully earned the title of worst mother in America.

Maddy had a play at school Friday. I use the term "play" loosely-very loosely.

It started at 2:50. It consisted of several groups within the class performing a play that they each wrote based on the novel they just finished reading, Ruby Hollar (yeah it should be italized or underlined-moving on). Anyway, each play lasted about 7 to 10 minutes.

I could not get away from work. Now mind you it was 7 to 10 minutes-seriously. By the grace of God it is the first event I have missed since preschool.

Well...I will let you know when we will be appearing on the Dr. Phil show. To hear her tell it, I missed her High School graduation.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check it out

Wahoo! 3 new posts in one day!

Go me.

2 Down, 1 To Go

As you can see the deck is now complete. Actually, it has been for about 2 weeks. Me, I have lost my mind, my voice and my sanity.


Total and complete stress.

I am going to find my way back to the light. I will regain my humor and my focus. I miss the old me.


Total and complete stress.

I will refocus and enjoy each day.

Wait a minute, didn't I just say this in the last blog.

I'm hopeless, completely hopeless.


The tooth fairy needed to pay a visit to the Worley's this week. Maddy came home Monday missing a tooth.

This was somewhat of a surprise as we did not, or should I say, I did not know the tooth was loose. I know you're thinking that this is not surprising, but when I say I micromanage everything-I mean there is no stone unturned in our house.

She enjoyed a carmel apple sucker during lunch and in the process launched the tooth from its resting place in her gums.

Well, at 2 am I awoke to Koda whining. Time for a potty stop. I made my way downstairs to let him out. After taking care of business, I headed back upstairs anxious to go back to sleep.

As I tried to nestle back into sleep, I began dreaming that all my teeth were falling out. Common dream. Can't explain it. I just suffer through it.

Anyway, I sat straight up in bed realizing that Paul and I had both forgotten the duty of the Tooth Fairy. I frantically woke Paul up and sent him off to complete the delivery of the dinero.
30 seconds later he's back.

"Um, yeah she's awake."

"What do you mean she's awake."

"I mean, 'Hi, Daddy' she's awake."

"No she's not, sometimes she seems awake but she isn't. Try again."

30 seconds later.

"Yeah she's awake."

I proceed to take care of it because obviously this calls for mom. So off I go to cover up any chance that we have blown our cover. And honestly to see for myself because I am sure to some extent Paul is, well, inaccurate. She is absolutely asleep. I'm sure of it.


"Honey, what's wrong, daddy said that you're awake."

"I don't know mommy, but it's a good thing I am."

"Why is that?"

"Because Daddy's trying to steal my money!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Attention Grabbed

OK, so God got my attention BIG TIME!

With my latest decision to "Just Say No", God apparently decided that waiting to start in a few weeks was not soon enough, so He sent Paul to the hospital via an ambulance Sunday night.

Yeah, you read that right.

Paul has been suffering from major sinus issues since the cottonwoods started blooming. Surprisingly, however he did not go to the doctor. I know you find it hard to believe with how proactive he can be when it comes to his health.

Well for me, Sunday was the last straw. I told him he could not attend the family birthday party unless he went to urgent care to see a doctor and get a prescription. You know given that his nose has tripled in size over the last four weeks. Kinda thought something might need to be addressed. Call me crazy. I mean I realize that I don't have a medical degree, but seriously.

Anyway, off he went. Got the prescription. Took the meds. Left for the movies. On the road to recovery. Yeah, not so much.

He leaned over during the movie and said the meds were making him sick. He returned 2o minutes later reporting he had been throwing up but thought he was good. Twenty minutes later off he went again.

Greg took him home.

When I got home with the kids, he told me he had blacked out in the bathroom, but thought he was improving because the time between episodes was getting longer. He tried to drink some juice. OOPS. Root Beer. Yeah not so much.

When I finally got the kids to bed, he seemed better. Next thing I know. I hear what sounded like a boulder coming through the ceiling. I ran upstairs to find Paul passed out on the bedroom floor.

I tried to wake him for a good 10 to 15 minutes. NOTHING. I called 911. They arrived to him awake, but I could not get him back in bed. They did. Took his vitals. Yeah not so great. Blood Pressure 96/47. No vein for an IV. Completely dehydrated.

After the trauma subsided and Paul was resting comfortably, we learned that he was given a double dose of his antibiotic.

You can imagine how well that sat with me.

My lesson in all of the stress-LIVE EVERY MINUTE TO THE FULLEST!


So, if I am busy with my family...The world is taking a back seat. Starting yesterday.

Walking in the Light

Wow! This year year has been a whirlwind to say the least. I am shocked we are near the half way point in February. Part of me wants to dance. If the start of the year is any indication of how it is going to go, I am happy it's flying by. I will usher in 2009 with bells and whistles.

Yet, I am humbly reminded that every day is a gift, and I need to walk in the Light. I need to let Him guide me through each day. I need to listen to His still, quiet voice...Yeah I know for me that's a stretch. I'm never still long enough to catch my breath.

As I write this, our dear neighbor of ten years is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am awed by the faith she has in God. I am humbled by the fight she has within her to beat the demon we know as cancer. Hunter, in his six year old wisdom said to me, "Mommy, why are you sad? We are just going to pray and Jesus is going to make her better." The faith of a child and the living testimony of one who is dwelling in God's amazing grace reminds me to walk daily in the His unfailing light.