Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 things I have learned since owning a dog

*3 am is NOT my favorite time of day!

*Teething has taken on a whole new meaning.

*Just when you think that you have the potty training down...OOPS!

*Dogs like kids will do anything for a treat.

*Don't let them fool you, dogs know EXACTLY what they are doing!

*I DEFINITELY have a false sense of control.

*You can no longer follow the 10 second rule in our house. If it hits the floor, eat at your own risk, or should I say peril.

*I should have bought stock in antibacterial.

*You can never have enough Lysol wipes.

*Dads have a mute button. Huh, Da Ja Vue

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Walking in the Light

Wow! This year year has been a whirlwind to say the least. I am shocked we are near the half way point in February. Part of me wants to dance. If the start of the year is any indication of how it is going to go, I am happy it's flying by. I will usher in 2009 with bells and whistles.

Yet, I am humbly reminded that every day is a gift, and I need to walk in the Light. I need to let Him guide me through each day. I need to listen to His still, quiet voice...Yeah I know for me that's a stretch. I'm never still long enough to catch my breath.

As I write this, our dear neighbor of ten years is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am awed by the faith she has in God. I am humbled by the fight she has within her to beat the demon we know as cancer. Hunter, in his six year old wisdom said to me, "Mommy, why are you sad? We are just going to pray and Jesus is going to make her better." The faith of a child and the living testimony of one who is dwelling in God's amazing grace reminds me to walk daily in the His unfailing light.